Butter cream is the most typically used flavor, but many unique cakes are made with marzipan and fondant.

Cake Flavors

Almond  Banana  Carrot  Champagine Chocolate
Chocolate Chip Coconut Key Lime Lemon  Mocha
Red Velvet Rum  Spice Triple Berry White

Icing Flavors

Almond  Butter Cream Chocolate  Cream Cheese
Fondant  Grand Marnier  Irish Cream Marzipan
Mocha Rum  


Banana Cream Pineapple Chocolate Cream Chocolate Fudge
Chocolate Mousse Cream Cheese Custard German Chocolate
Lemon  Marion Berry Raspberry  Strawberry
Strawberry Cream Cheese Caramel

During the ceremony the bride and groom take center stage, and at the reception it’s all about the cake! You want to wow your guests with an unforgettable wedding cake experience, so planning ahead is very important. Xtra Special Cakes has been a leader in Washington Wedding Cakes for years, so let us offer some helpful hints for your big day!

In the Pacific Northwest the busy season for weddings is June through September. During those months it is best to schedule a cake tasting/consultation 4-6 months in advance to assure your wedding cake designer has space available to design your unique wedding cake. Select flavors you'd like to taste from the list provided by your designer, and give some thought to what flavors might go well together in a layered cake. You may want to ask about your designer's favorite or most popular flavor ordered in their area.

2 The cake is the focus of many pictures and is the one element that your guests will remember the most when they leave the reception. Be thoughtful about the personality of your cake: will it be simple and elegant or have a wild and crazy side? Your wedding cake should reflect your personality and lifestyle, and the possibilities are almost endless! If you decide on a themed wedding, you will want to have the cake designed around your theme. If you have a chance, review as many cake images as possible before your consultation and bring any pictures you like with you.

3 Take color samples with you to the consultation. The more information, and visual guidance, you can give your designer, the better. Most brides have a very specific color palette for their wedding, so fabric samples and other items that can be left with the designer will help ensure the closest color match possible. Remember that some frosting types have different textures than others, so be sure to ask your designer what their suggestion would be for the closest color match to your design scheme.

4 The number of guests will determine the size of the cake. It is best to plan one piece of cake for each guest as you don’t want anyone to be left out. Do a rough estimate of your attendees prior to confirming your wedding cake order, its always better to order high and have some cake leftover than to run out on your wedding day.

5 When you order the cake be prepared to put down a deposit to hold your date . A 25-35% deposit is customary. Be sure to confirm the delivery details at this time: whether or not a representative from the bridal party needs to be present when the cake is delivered, where the cake is to be placed in the venue, what time it needs to be delivered, etc. These small details will be helpful as the designer coordinates with the delivery team.

6 If you are having an out door wedding make sure you consider the weather. You will need to have the cake in a covered area and on a level surface. Arrange with the designer when the cake will be delivered as you don’t want the cake to sit too long before the ceremony starts. Fondant iced cakes are the most resilient for summertime and outdoor weddings.

If you are planning a Wedding, cake tasting is a very important part of the cake ordering process. Xtra Special Cakes invites you to make an appointment for a cake tasting, so you can sample the many different flavors and fillings we offer. This is a complimentary service we offer to all couples who are ordering an Xtra Special Cake for their big day.
The cake tasting day is a great time to bring in color samples and inspirational pictures for your wedding theme. If you need a very close color match, ribbon or fabric swatches used in your other wedding accents will be important for the creative team. If you already have a cake topper or a cake stand, bring them with you to discuss sizes and display options. Pictures of the venue can also be helpful, as there may be some conversation required about cake table placement.

Xtra Special Cakes is committed to making your extra special day memorable. The creative team is made up of cake experts that can guide you in selecting the best flavors and fillings for your event, as well as structuring the servings and presentation to fit your goals and your budget. View our Brides' Guide for important questions to consider when selecting your cake and bring any questions with you at the time of the cake tasting.

To schedule a cake tasting, call us at 360.428.4831 or submit an electronic request and a member of our creative team will contact you shortly.