Wedding Cakes

Your Wedding is the most important day of your life, and you want it to be memorable! Xtra Special Cakes are created with style and elegance, to compliment any wedding theme. If you are an elegant bride, our creative team can work with you to match your colors as closely as possible, and hand craft the most beautiful flowers, shapes or draped fondant. Some brides look for the stylish element in their cakes, like a Tiffany Box Cake or a Black and White Stacked Cake with Feathers. If you are a bit more on the wild side, Xtra Special Cakes can build the perfect accompaniment to any flashy Wedding theme - like a Fire Topsy Turvey Cake or a Halloween Night Tiered Cake.

No matter what theme of your wedding will be, Xtra Special Cakes wants to make your cake perfect and personalized. The creative team works with each couple to determine the best cake for the event, whether its one central cake or individual desserts for each guest. The luscious cakes are made with the finest ingredients and come with a variety of flavor options. Couples are encouraged to come in for a cake tasting a few months before the big day, this is a perfect time to view the gallery of cakes and talk with the creative team about ideas.

Xtra Special Cakes is committed to making your big day a memorable one. View our Brides Guide for more tips and ideas to ensure you get the cake of your dreams.

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