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Butter cream is the most typically used flavor, but many unique cakes are made with marzipan and fondant.

Cake Flavors

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  • If you are planning a Wedding, cake tasting is a very important part of the cake ordering process. Xtra Special Cakes invites you to make an appointment for... Read more

  • During the ceremony the bride and groom take center stage, and at the reception it’s all about the cake! You want to wow your guests with an unforgettable wedding cake experience, so... Read more

  • The trends with weddings and parties change over time, and a lot of hosts are starting to present their guests with individual desserts. Custom designed cookies can add a lot of fun to a holiday party, or be a great personalized gift to your guests. For a more elegant affair, cupcakes and table cakes can be designed in the image of a wedding cake. These more formal individual desserts can accompany a central cake, or be the main event themselves.

    The most important thing about your event is that it represents you, the hosts. The creative staff at Xtra Special Cakes is available to meet with you and help determine the best dessert for your event and your budget. Contact us today for a quote!  Read more

  • Cupcakes are becoming more and more popular at parties and Weddings. They are an easy way to serve dessert to your guests, as no cutting or serving utensils are required!

    You can personalize cupcakes to be as unique and fun as a full sized cake, or match your elegant Wedding cake perfectly. Cupcakes can be displayed on cake stands, fitted into specialty dessert dishes, incorporated into a central cake configuration or set out on a table on their own.

    Xtra Special cupcakes are made with the same fine ingredients that have built their full size cake reputation. Cupcakes can be as simple or elaborate as you like, and you'll never have to sacrifice style for simplicity! Read more

  • Grooms are a gift, and the wedding day is the perfect time to honor his personality! Xtra Special Cakes can make a culinary masterpiece that expresses his personal style, from boats and casinos to hunting and... Read more

  • The Bridal Shower is one of the biggest events leading up the the wedding, and definitely a memorable day for the Bride. What better way to celebrate than with a custom Bridal Shower cake?

    Xtra Special Cakes can create a dessert masterpiece for the Bride, capturing the essence of her personality or just setting the stage for a fun afternoon with the girls. The gallery of Bridal Shower cakes include everything from animal prints and feathers to jewelry and purses, and the possibilities are endless. Help your Bride go down the isle in style, with a cake from Xtra Special Cakes! Read more

  • Your Wedding is the most important day of your life, and you want it to be memorable! Xtra Special Cakes are created with style and elegance, to compliment any wedding theme. If you are an elegant bride, our creative team can work with you to match your colors as closely as possible, and hand craft the most beautiful flowers, shapes or draped fondant. Some brides look for the stylish element in their cakes, like a Tiffany Box Cake or a Black and White Stacked Cake with Feathers. If you are a bit more on the wild side, Xtra Special Cakes can build the perfect accompaniment to any flashy Wedding theme - like a Fire Topsy Turvey Cake or a Halloween Night Tiered Cake.
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